NOTE: There will be no group meetings being held until after the Corona-virus situation is resolved. Click here for more info on our Zoom Meetings.

Mission Statement:
Our Mission is to encourage photographers, of all ages and experience levels, to increase their knowledge of the art of photography through training, sharing and education, via opportunities to participate in entertaining and educational meetings, photo outings, competitions and challenges and charitable photo shoots.

Monthy Competions
There are multiple opportunities to submit digital photos for consideration in Guild bi-monthly competitions. Competition winners are chosen from an individual outside the guild and not a guild member. The current judge of the monthly competitions is a world renowned and accomplished photographer.

The deadline for submitting pictures for a monthly competition is 6:00pm on the Friday immediately before the monthly guild meeting (2nd Tuesday of each month). You are free to submit to any category of your choosing. However, you are only allowed 3 total submissions per month. Those submissions could be all in one competition or spread among all of them. The only restriction is that you cannot submit images in Group A and Group B, you must choose one or the other. Remember that we are on the honor system about your photographic and editing capabilities. Photos submitted to Group A, Group B and Straight out of the Camera competitions can be of any subject and theme. Please keep them relatively family friendly – i.e. no nudity just for nudity’s sake. The Challenge competition has a theme that is chosen by the previous month’s winner, or special themed event.

The list below breaks down each monthly competition:
•Photo of the Month Group A – Professional and more experienced photographers. If you understand how to do composites in Photoshop or other editing platforms then this is the group for you.

•Photo of the Month Group B – Novice, Intermediate, and Student photographers. This group is intended for newer photographers or those with lesser Photoshop or other editing platform knowledge and experience.

•Straight Out of the Camera (SOOC) – Submissions for this category must be “straight out of the camera” with absolutely no post production edits or cropping. All exposure settings and composition must be done on the camera at time of pressing the shutter button.

•Challenge – Monthly photo theme chosen by the previous month’s winner, or special themes. Photos submitted for this competition must be taken during the month between Guild meetings.

•Mobile Phone photography – taken using your cell phone.  Open to group A or B and is limited to cell phone photos only.

•PSA – This is the Photographic Society of America contest that is open to all members.  4 submissions are made per year, with a maximum of 6 member getting into any one PSA contest.  PSA rules apply.
Print Competitions
There are seasonal print competitions.  Spring print deadline is around the end of June, Fall deadline is end of September (this is judged by people choice at the Piedmont Interstate Fair), and end of December for the winter contest.   These are cash award prize  awards that are open to members only.
The categories for each season are:
•Black and White
•Landscape / Fine Art

Prints must not be any larger than larger than 11×14 and mounted on foam or mat board with a maximum size of 11×14. For instance you can submit a 8×10 print on foam board and using foam board as a border. However, an 11×14 print could not have a border as the foam board could not be any larger than the print.  Multiple prints or collages are not allowed on one board. This are photos tat have been shot throughout the year, or older photos that were reprocessed within the year of submission.  The same photos are not permitted to be submitted yearly.

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